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The Community

Tucked into the Southeast corner of Ingham County, and conveniently located approximately 1/2 hour from Lansing, Ann Arbor, and Jackson, the Stockbridge area is a quiet farming community with plenty of small-town charm and a beautiful historic Town Square.


Stockbridge is located in Ingham County and considered one of the oldest farming communities in the state of Michigan. The first settlers arrived in the area in 1835. Elijah Smith, who had entered land in the area, laid out a  which he proposed to name Pekin. The village was formally incorporated in 1889. The arrival of the railroad in 1883 ushered in what were called “boom times”. The business district rapidly expanded as
Stockbridge became a commercial center and for the rest of the area. Stockbridge was part of a vegetable growing region once known as “the salad bowl,” which attracted large numbers of farm workers from Kentucky in the 1930’s.VIEW EVENTS


Gregory is located to the East of Stockbridge and is part of Unadilla Township. The town began as a station on a branch of the Grand Trunk Western Railroad, which came through a farm owned by Halstead Gregory, in 1884 and thus the train stop was named after the farmer. Halstead built a store near the depot and became the first postmaster in March 1884. The Township Hall is located at 126 Webb St in Gregory.


MUNITH is a small unincorporated community in Henrietta Township southwest of Stockbridge. The town was founded when the Grand Trunk Western Railroad put in a depot stop in the early 1800’s. Jean Baptiste Berard claimed to have settled in the Munith area in 1816 and had established a trading post in 1831. Nearby Batteese Lake was named after him. In 1839, a local settler, Henry Hurd, organized the first post office in the area and named the township Henrietta, after his hometown of Henrietta, New York.